Quality Management

As part of Central IVF’s continual improvement and drive to be the leader in the field of Egg Donation, we've implemented a Quality Management System (QMS). It is managed internally by our own Quality Assurance Manager in conjunction with the Light Blue Consultancy Company (LBCC), led by Christina Champion, a chartered quality institute accredited practitioner with 10 years’ experience in the sector. Central IVF works in accordance with ISO: 9001, one of the most important and internationally recognised quality management standards.

Central IVF strives for excellency and insists that all the products it uses are of the highest standard. The strict compliance standards throughout our laboratories ensure accountability and precision. We understand the importance not only of our duty of care to our donors and recipients but also to our worldwide clinic partners. We ensure at all times that the Central IVF service is an extension of a clinic's own, complimented with the trust and confidence one comes to expect. Thanks to our double-witnessing protocols, family limit registers, and the mandatory counselling and physical assessment as part of our extended donor screening provisions, Central IVF is leading the way as an egg donation provider. Furthermore, our continued review and analysis of egg warming statistics, fertilization rates, embryo development and clinical pregnancy rates ensure that our expertise is second to none.

As Central IVF operates within many jurisdictions, it is imperative that our service meets if not exceeds all relevant regulatory guidelines. As part of our QMS, Central IVF commissions at minimum yearly external audits.  The external audits also allow us to continually improve the quality of our services.

A few words from Christina of Light Blue Consultancy Company:

The Light Blue Consultancy Company Ltd has been delighted to advise and work with Central IVF's dedicated team since November 2016, providing advice on HFEA, NHMRC and ISO 9001:2015 cohesion as they strive to continually improve and excel their donor and patient journeys and experience through their documentation.

Christina Champion, Director of the Light Blue Consultancy Company Ltd - Helping businesses improve their performance through quality management standards.