ICSI-IVF Success Rates

It is perfectly natural that the IVF success rates will play a major part in one's decision which fertility clinic to choose. With this in mind, it is important for us to not only share our statistics, but to also clarify how we calculate them.

How is ICSI-IVF treatment success rate calculated?

There are various ways to calculate and report these. We calculate IVF treatment success rate as the number of favourable results (number of clinical pregnancies or live births) divided by the number of procedures performed (number of embryo transfers, for example).

At Central IVF, Clinical Pregnancy Rate is calculated by dividing the number of clinical pregnancies (pregnancies confirmed by a positive hCG test and ultrasound scan at 6-8 weeks) by embryo transfer. Some clinics calculate / report Clinical Pregnancy Rates by dividing the number of clinical pregnancies by cycle start or egg collection.

The Live Birth Rate is the likelihood of having a "take-home baby" after an IVF-ICSI treatment. At Central IVF, Live Birth Rate is calculated by dividing the number of live births by embryo transfer. We believe that this figure provides our patients with a better understanding in regards to their success rates as, unfortunately, not all clinical pregnancies will result in live birth.

Manor IVF success rates for IVF-ICSI treatment

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