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IVF IsraelCentral IVF is proud to offer its IVF Israel programme to patients from around the world. We understand that there are several reasons why IVF treatment may be required, including medical indications, advanced maternal age, sperm abnormalities and using donor sperm/eggs. As Israel is the headquarters for Central IVF, we will not only provide you with our world-class embryology and care, but are also able to assist with additional arrangements (such as accommodation or sightseeing).

Israel is an undisputed leader in the field of assisted reproductive technologies and the world capital of IVF (in vitro fertilization). Its government’s policy of subsidising IVF treatments for Israeli citizens has been a major contributing factor to its position as a leader in science and medicine. This practice has led to enormous numbers of treatment cycles taking place in the country on an annual basis. These, in turn, have helped local specialists hone their skills and push reproductive technologies even further. It is largely thanks to this that our IVF Israel programme has become a popular choice for patients from UK, France, Italy, many parts of Asia and even from as far away as the US and Australia.

Once you commence treatment with Central IVF, your procedures will take place at the luxurious facility at Assuta Medical Centre in Tel-Aviv. Assuta's IVF unit is the largest private IVF provider in Israel. It currently performs over 12,000 stimulated and 6,000 frozen-thawed cycles annually. Consequently, it is one of the busiest fertility clinics in the world, renowned for meeting the highest standards and criteria.

The Central IVF team is led by medical director and resident fertility specialist, Dr Shlomi Barak. He has recently been appointed Head of Assuta Medical’s IVF Department, so you can rest assured that you are in the best hands possible, receiving the utmost highest level of care. Our Chief of Embryology, Dr Pavel Itsykson, also serves as Chief Embryologist at Assuta Medical. Together, just these 2 specialists alone had been involved in helping thousands of women across numerous continents to conceive.

Our Central IVF team will be right by your side throughout your treatment, and will be glad to help you arrange your leisure so you can enjoy everything that Israel has to offer.

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