Our Egg Donors

At Central IVF, we feel the same level of responsibility to both our recipients and our donors. That is why our egg donors receive the same individualized attention and comprehensive clinical care you have come to know and expect from our fertility specialists.

Where do Our Egg Donors Come From?

Manor IVF's Egg donor databaseThe Central IVF team recruits and screens oocyte donors from throughout Europe whilst adhering to the guidelines of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and our own institutional ethics board. We pride ourselves on our donor welfare and do the utmost to ensure their well-being. We make certain that each and every one of our donors is acting of her own free will and that she hasn’t been in any way coerced or donating for financial reasons. The CentralIVF team cares for our donors and strives to empower them through support, appreciation, love and gratitude.

Subject to jurisdiction of operation, Central IVF is fully compliant with the European Union Tissue Directive (EUTD) and the Israeli Medical Tourism Board’s guidelines.

Egg Donor Compensation:

Central IVF does not pay women for their eggs. Donation is an altruistic act. Donors are only reimbursed their reasonable expenses directly related to the procedure (i.e. lost wages, travel and accommodation, childcare, etc.). This policy is in compliance with both UK and EU guidelines. To reiterate, all Central IVF donors have chosen to donate for altruistic reasons, in the centre of which lies the desire to help those who require donor eggs to start or expand their family.

Central IVF’s multidisciplinary donor screening team includes a physician, a psychologist, a counsellor and a genetic counsellor. Our thorough screening process includes a full review of medical history, physical examination, testing for infectious diseases, genetic screening and psychological evaluation. Additionally, mandatory counselling is provided to all donors throughout the process to ensure their complete consent and understanding of the process.

As part of our rigorous testing, all prospective egg donors undergo the following investigations:

Blood Tests:

Hepatitis Bs Ag
Hepatitis C Ab
HLTV 1 and 2
Mycoplasma Hominis
Neisseria Gonorrhoeae
Full Blood Count (FBC)

Hepatitis Bs Ab
Syphilis – VDRL - TPHA
CMV IgG and IgM
Chlamydia Trachomatis

Anti-Hep Bc
HIV 1and 2
Blood Group and Antibodies

Genetic Tests:

Chromosome Study
Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)

Fragile X Syndrome

Cystic Fibrosis Screen

Test Performed Within 7 Days Following Egg Collection:

HBV (Nucleic Acid Test)

HCV (Nucleic Acid Test)

HIV (Nucleic Acid Test)


An egg donor will become available to donate only after their screening is complete and our donor team has designated them as eligible...

Quality Management System

Central IVF's QMS is managed by an in-house quality assurance manager in conjuntion with LBCC...


Here you will be able to receive updates about our international egg donation programmes...