Embryo Creation Guarantee

Embryo creation & IVF GuaranteeCentral IVF is able to set itself apart from other clinics and offer an embryo creation guarantee with all of its egg donation treatment programmes!!

As part of our quality assurance, we ensure that Central IVF staff is responsible for every step of the process. There's no outsourcing involved.  Central IVF is part of the process every step of the way - from the egg collection (performed by a Central IVF team member) to oocyte vitrification, to shipment of donor eggs.  With this in mind, we are able to show our commitment to our service by always guaranteeing embryos.

  • 10 donor eggs: Central IVF will guarantee to create 4 x cleavage state embryos
  • 8 donor eggs: Central IVF will guarantee to create 3 x cleavage state embryos
  • 6 donor eggs: Central IVF will guarantee to create 2 x cleavage state embryos
  • 4 Donor Eggs: CentralIVF will guarantee to create 1 x cleavage state embryos

Please note that the number of donor eggs provided depends on the country of operation.

Central IVF stands behind its service. We are proud to be able to provide this embryo creation guarantee to each and every patient undergoing egg donation treatment with us.

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An egg donor will become available to donate only after their screening is complete and our donor team has designated them as eligible...

Quality Management System

Central IVF's QMS is managed by an in-house quality assurance manager in conjuntion with LBCC...


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