Egg Donation in Canada

Egg donation Canada programmesCentral IVF is happy to announce that our service has expanded into Canada. We are proud to be assisting Canadian patients with egg donation treatment. Central IVF offers programmes to meet all patients' needs. ALL Our "No Wait, Stay in Canada" programmes come with guarantees, from embryo creation to live birth, and are competitively priced without compromising on quality.

It goes without saying that all our donor egg programmes operate in strict compliance with the Assisted Human Reproductive Act of 2004. Central IVF gives patients the option of either anonymous or non-anonymous donors. Our rigorous screening and high quality assurance is uniform across all our programmes, and our donors receive the same individualised attention and comprehensive clinical care that you would expect from Canadian clinics. We look after you every step of the way, from the donor selection process to contacting your clinic for further treatment.

We are based in Toronto and have a local representative available to assist you on your journey. Central IVF would be happy to help you with any clinic you wish to undergo treatment at, not only in Toronto but anywhere in Canada. Central IVF aims to assist patients reach their dream of parenthood.

Central IVF's Egg Donation Canada Programmes

We offer 5 premium donor egg programmes designed to meet individual patients' needs and budget. Fertilisation and embryo transfer take place at your treating clinic.

Assured Refund

Comes with a live birth within 24 months of treatment (up to 4 oocyte batches) guarantee. If no live birth has ocurred, Central IVF will refund 100% of treatment price*.

Live Birth Guarantee

Comes with a live birth within 18 months of treatment (up to 3 oocyte batches) guarantee. If no live birth has ocurred, Central IVF will refund 80% of treatment price*.

From Egg to Heartbeat

Comes with a clinical pregnancy (10 weeks FHR+) within 18 months of treatment (up to 3 oocyte batches) guarantee. If pregnancy has not been achieved, Central IVF will refund 50% of treatment price*.

Blastocyst Guarantee

Comes with a no less than 3 blastocysts guarantee.

Ten Egg Programme

Comes with a guarantee of 4 day-3 embryos or 1 blastocyst (day-5 embryo).

* The  Central IVF guarantee is subject to normal semen analysis as per WHO parameters. If sperm samples are found to be of insufficient quality, Central IVF will not be able to guarantee the above. However, we will do our utmost to facilitate the successful creation of good-quality embryos.

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Who We Are

Central IVF is an international ART provider specialising in providing donor oocytes and sperm worldwide. The company was founded and is under the medical direction of Dr Shlomi Barak, a fertility specialist and andrologist formerly based in Melbourne, Australia. We assume full responsibility for all of our medical procedures, have a strong quality management system, and work at the highest clinical and scientific standards.

According to our statistics, the cumulative pregnancy rate (8 weeks, 10-oocyte batch) for treatment with Central IVF donor eggs exceeds 70% and our warming survival rate is 96%.

For further information, please refer to our brochure.

Collaborating Clinics

Central IVF is proud to provide to partner with the following clinic with 6 locations in the Greater Toronto Area. If you prefer to undergo treatment with your own clinic, please contact us to arrange the details.


An egg donor will become available to donate only after their screening is complete and our donor team has designated them as eligible...

Quality Management System

Central IVF's QMS is managed by an in-house quality assurance manager in conjuntion with LBCC...


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