Central IVF Egg Donation Success Rates

It is obvious to us that a clinic's egg donation success rates are a crucial factor in the decision of which fertility center to put your trust in. This is why we not only openly share us, but also explain how they are calculated.

How are Egg Donation treatment success rates calculated?

There are several methods used to calculate egg donation success rates. At Central IVF we use the quotient of the number of favourable results (number of clinical pregnancies or live births) divided by the number of procedures performed (i.e. embryo transfers).

The Clinical Pregnancy Rate for oocyte donation is calculated by dividing the number of clinical pregnancies (pregnancies confirmed by a positive hCG test and ultrasound scan at 6-8 weeks) by embryo transfers performed.

Please note that some clinics may report their clinical pregnancy Rates as a quotient of confirmed pregnancies divided by number of cycle starts or egg collections.

The Live Birth Rate refers to the percentage of "take-home babies" born following an IVF-ICSI treatment. At Central IVF, egg donation it is calculated by dividing the number of live births by number of embryo transfers. We believe that this figure provides our patients a more accurate picture of their chances as, unfortunately, not all clinical pregnancies lead to a live birth.

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