Egg Donation in Israel for International Patients

Egg Donation in Israel

Central IVF is proud to offer their one-of-a-kind Egg Donation in Israel programme to patients across the globe. As one of the world leaders in the field of reproductive technologies, the State of Israel is a very popular destination for women and couples seeking fertility treatments. Its Health Ministry’s decision to offer free unlimited IVF procedures to local women under the age of 45 has made Israelis the highest per capita users of this procedure in the world. This has enabled Israeli fertility clinics to gain vast experience in the field, making the country an attractive destination for foreign nationals looking to undergo treatment. Central IVF has helped patients from throughout Europe as well as Australia, United States and various parts of Asia.

Egg Donation in Israel – The Process:

Sperm collection will be performed upon your arrival to Israel. In case your partner is unable to join you, it is possible to transport frozen sperm from your home country to our clinic. In line with local regulations, your donor eggs will be fertilized at our facility in Eastern Europe by our team of Israeli embryologists. The created fresh embryos will then be brought to Israel.

Embryo transfers are performed at the luxurious facilities of Central IVF’s partner, Assuta Medical Centre. The private hospital’s state-of-the-art IVF unit is the not only the largest in Israel, but also one of the busiest in the world, with more than 12,000 stimulated and 6,000 frozen-thawed cycles taking place there on an annual basis.

Our Medical Director, who also serves as Head of IVF at Assuta, is Dr Shlomi Barak. He is a leading andrologist and fertility specialist and will manage and care for you throughout your egg donation in Israel treatment. He ran a highly successful private practice in Melbourne, Australia for over 8 years and recently moved back to Israel for his appointment at Assuta Medical Center. Dr Barak’s reputation and bedside manner have made him a sought-after specialist. Central IVF’s Head of Embryology is Dr Pavel Itsykson, who also serves as Assuta’s Chief Embryologist.

egg donation in Israel for foreign patients

We realise that often the most stressful part of a trip is the logistics, such as arranging travel and accommodation. As part of its egg donation in Israel programme Central IVF wishes to alleviate the stress related to setting up your travel. This is why we have dedicated staff members on hand to help with both booking flights and hotels and organizing free time activities such as sightseeing (including Bethlehem, Nazareth, Galilee, Jerusalem and the Dead Sea to name a few), so you can make the most of our beautiful country.

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