Donor Welfare

Central IVF prides itself not only on its responsibility towards its recipients but also towards its egg donors. We are very thankful for those willing to share this generous gift. We want to ensure at all times that no Central IVF donor is exploited. That’s why, as is evident from all Central IVF programs, we take every possible measure to maintain their wellbeing.

Central IVF ensures the donor’s welfare to the best of its ability through high quality medical care, stringent screening processes, psychological assessment and mandatory counselling. It is our number one priority. We are very transparent in our recruitment process because we want you to feel confident about our services.

The practice of mandatory donor counselling, which has been in place from Central IVF’s conception, is something we are very proud of. Our counselling not only ensures that the main motivation for donation is altruistic but also allows a donor to process their feelings and emotions about their donation, and ensures that they’re completely comfortable with the decision, that they fully understand the process and are 100% committed to it.

Topics examined during the psychological evaluation:

  • The emotional support the donor will have while participating in the donation program.
  • The donor's partner's (if applicable) and family's reaction to her participation in the program.
  • The donor’s thoughts on informing her own children of her decision to donate.
  • The donor’s thoughts on disclosure of information to any children born from her donation.

By examining such topics, our counselling not only ensures that the donation is motivated by altruism, but allows donors to process feelings and emotions related to their donation so that they're comfortable with their decision at all times. The evaluation is performed by experienced psychologists, who are registered with their professional associations in their respective countries.

Compensation is provided in strict adherence to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) guidelines. We compensate our donors’ reasonable expenses including childcare (100% of our donors have their own children), legal fees, accommodation for before and after the procedure (should it be needed) as well as food and travel costs.

Central IVF is leading the way in egg donation treatment and we fully understand that without our donors we wouldn’t be where we are today. Central IVF will forever be thankful to our donors for providing the gift of life to others in need. We will continue to ensure that their wellbeing is our first priority and work very hard to provide them with the highest level of care and attention that one can expect.