Professional Egg Donor & Recipient Counselling

Central IVF is committed to the best interests of the child through promoting evidence-based donor counselling practices. Our innovative counselling model ensures the ethical management of egg donation and more favourable outcomes for egg donor children. Under this model, comprehensive professional counselling is provided not only to potential egg donors (for whom it is mandatory), but also to recipients.

Egg donor counselling has been mandatory for many years in the United Kingdom and Australia. As a result, significant expertise exists in the clinical practice of donor counselling in these countries. Central IVF is harnessing this wealth of experience and expertise through formal, professional partnerships with Australian counsellors to guarantee the highest standard of counselling as a requirement for all women donating eggs through our company and for our recipients.

The comprehensive professional counselling provided by highly trained, compassionate and experienced counsellors is one of the main differences between Central IVF and other ART providers operating in Europe.

Professional IVF counselling & support



Benefits for the Recipient

Feelings of frustration and distress are common in cases of repeated failures to fall pregnant. For many the distress is compounded by the social stigma of being childless. Coupled with this is the anxiety about treatment outcomes, more waiting and the rigours of further treatment.

There is little doubt that the provision of professional and compassionate counselling is enormously important for the adjustment of egg recipients and is likely to better equip them for what lies ahead. Consideration of the possibility of treatment failure is also an integral component of appropriate donor counselling. This is why, though not mandatory, egg recipient counselling is strongly recommended.

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Benefits for the Egg Donor

Pregnancy through egg donation is a remarkable and relatively new development. The life-changing benefits for infertile couples are obvious and profound. It is important, however, in this changing world, that we never lose sight of the commitment to ethical principle of "do no harm".

In line with this, all prospective ManorIVF egg donors receive comprehensive professional counselling from highly-trained, compassionate and experienced counsellors. This evidence-based approach with clear links to better overall outcomes creates a significant point of difference between ManorIVF and other ART providers operating in Europe.

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Benefits for Egg Donor Children

Counselling assists recipients to prepare for becoming a parent to an egg donor child. The Counsellor will provide a safe compassionate environment for recipients to express and process their feelings of grief related to their infertility, and prepare for the possible challenges of parenting of a non-genetic child. The counselling sessions will also touch on the question of telling the child about their origins and identity when they've reached a certain age. In this way, prospective parents are provided the best possible start to family life that Central IVF can offer.

According to research, egg donor children who were told about their origins at an earlier age were able to better incorporate the information into their identity[1]. Additionally, donor offspring who knew about the donation reported that knowing had a neutral to positive impact on their relationship with both their genetic and non-genetic parent[2].

[1] Rumball, A., & Adair, V., "Telling the story: parents' scripts for donor offspring", Human Reproduction 1999, 14: 1392-1399

[2] Scheib, JE., Riordan, M., & Rubin, S., "Adolescents with open-identity sperm donors: reports from 12-17 year olds", Human Reproduction 2005, 20: 239-252

Welcoming Identity Release

Some of Central IVF's egg donation programs take place in jurisdictions where the law dictates that information about the donor’s identity must be stored. This information can be then made available to the donor offspring at an appropriate time, normally once they are an adult.

Central IVF confidently supports this practice and regards expert counselling as vital to its implementation and success, as thoroughly investigating the issues involved during counselling may convince a donor to not be fearful of identity disclosure and come to a realization that this progressive practice is in the best interests of all parties, particularly the child. In fact, ultimately many egg donors identify a strong desire to know something about the outcome of their generous donation.

IVF counselling for donors & recepients

Central IVF is committed to the best interests of the egg donor children through promoting evidence-based donor counselling practices.


IVF counselling for egg donors and recepients

Central IVF utilizes the services of qualified Donor Counsellors from Australia and UK to provide all egg donor and recipient counselling.

Qualifications and Experience

Legal regulations mandate that Australian donor counsellors have formal tertiary qualifications in psychology or social work from recognised universities (normally Australian universities).

Australian donor counsellors are also required to have a minimum of two years of supervised post-graduate counselling experience and to be currently employed by an accredited fertility clinic. Furthermore, donor counsellors must be full professional members of the Fertility Society of Australia.

Additionally, all donor counsellors must be eligible for membership of their professional associations, either the Australian Psychological Society or the Australian Association of Social Workers.

Continuing Education

In Australia, donor counsellors are required to regularly refresh their professional skills through professional development and training. In addition, donor counsellors take part in ongoing in-service training at their clinics, ensuring that they remain up-to-date with all developments in the ART field.

Personal Qualities

Central IVF's donor counsellors are warm, compassionate and empathic with well-rounded practical skills. Our counsellors have vast experience working with couples and individuals undergoing donor treatments.

A Central IVF donor counsellor will be thoroughly trained and experienced in counselling with an interpreter and comfortable to work not only face-to-face, but also over Skype, the phone and email.

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