Sperm Donation

The term “sperm donation” refers to usage of sperm (provided by a male donor) for the purpose of insemination of a woman (who is not his sexual partner) by means of ART (including IVF). Using donor sperm is indicated in cases of male infertility or when the male partner is a carrier of a serious genetic condition. Fertilisation can be performed by means of either IUI (interuterine insemination) or IVF.

When a sperm donor is required, Central IVF utilizes the services of "Superm-Assuta" – the leading private sperm bank in Israel, with a large and diverse selection of rigorously screened sperm donors. The bank, which is located in Tel-Aviv, operates in strict compliance with the Israeli Ministry of Health’s regulations.

Sperm donation

Superm’s potential sperm donors undergo extensive screening. This includes, but is not limited to, character and personality evaluation, genetic testing, fertility assessment, physical examination and infectious disease testing, as well as a personal interview with a specialist. Once accepted into the program, the health status of the donor is continually re-assessed until the sperm donation takes place, so when using donor sperm you can be safe in the knowledge that it is free from any genetic diseases.

Semen samples from screened and accepted donors are quarantined for 3-6 months and released only after re-testing of the donor for the required infectious disease screening and contingent upon Superm's medical director’s approval. "Superm Assuta" also provides responsible genetic carrier screening tests regardless of ethnicity/nationality. The comprehensive genetic carrier status evaluation includes more than 45 genetic diseases/conditions (above 90 mutations).

Once you make your preferences clear, Superm will do its best to match you with a donor, who matches your preferences as closely as possible. While sperm donation is anonymous in Israel, basic information about the donors (i.e. appearance (such as height, weight and eye colour) and ethnicity, level of education and profession) is available to Superm’s patients. In some cases a more thorough profile may be available (including, for example, information about the donor’s hobbies, extended information about his family, etc.). Additionally, patients using donor sperm will be informed of which genetic tests the donor had undergone.


An egg donor will become available to donate only after their screening is complete and our donor team has designated them as eligible...

Quality Management System

Central IVF's QMS is managed by an in-house quality assurance manager in conjuntion with LBCC...


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