Central IVF Transporting Safely

Our on-board courier service is the most secure method for transporting frozen embryos, eggs and sperm samples across borders. Your cryopreserved materials are handled with great care  by our dedicated courier during the transportation process.

They are hand-carried by professionals and do not undergo x-ray scans, ensuring optimal conditions.
Shipments are being monitored continuously.

Reasons to Use an On-board Courier:

  • Your precious cryopreserved material will be constantly watched by a professionally trained employee during the entire transfer.
  • X-ray exemption: (X-raying may have a negative impact on DNA). We work with customs and airport security officials to secure X-ray exemptions; therefore, we can pre-clear this status. We guarantee safety and ensure absolutely NO X-RAY at any time during transit.
  • We provide transport in double-tube cryogenic containers (Dewar flasks) filled with liquid nitrogen that ensures optimal temperature.
  • In the course of the entire transport we keep the inner temperature of the cryogenic container under thorough observation with the help of an electronic data logger.
  • We work with customs officials to gather all the necessary documents for international transportation of life science samples.
  • We coordinate with the receiving clinics to secure export/import licenses for transporting frozen embryos, eggs and sperm samples if required.
  • We will inform you about the status of the transfer online.
  • We ensure that the samples are properly handled at customs and at the receiving clinic.


An egg donor will become available to donate only after their screening is complete and our donor team has designated them as eligible...

Quality Management System

Central IVF's QMS is managed by an in-house quality assurance manager in conjuntion with LBCC...


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